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Chungshan Hall
1Chungshan Hall

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The Origin
Construction Chungshan Hall, when he was President Chiang Kai-shek to commemorate the centenary of Sun Yat-sen, the other is to carry forward the Chinese culture of the Republic of China government to make a formal gathering, celebration, when the reception the Ambassador, there are grounds for it, and let the people appreciate Chinese culture international the essence. [3]
Base address
Area Zhongshan School location mountain forest floor grass old Taiwan under Japanese rule in 1935, the fortieth anniversary of the beginning of the government in Taiwan remember Expo Grassy Branch (Grassy Tourist Hall) that is provided in place of the current auditorium. The beginning of construction, because the foundation is solid rock, ooze soil mixed with sulfur, architects in the design of the main pillars of each depending on the terrain and geological extension, increase, make it deep into the soil sulfur or less, most can be more than 12 meters. To prevent the building of sulfur soil erosion, hot asphalt pouring columns and column bases, and then coated with aluminum foil Felt, isolated sulfur gas. Chungshan Hall also is the world so far the only one to cover the mouth of the sulfur was built, sulfur mouth is the Japanese colonial era Grassy springs spa, a conference hall located just below the podium, early supply nearby hot springs hotel used to reduce geothermal , places a dozen drill pipe root beneath the podium, so that geothermal discharge along the pipeline.
The whole building with Chinese palace architecture style oriented, built by the mountain, green glazed tile roof, with red eaves, roof mining danyan Shanding white walls of the main building. Because the Republic of China Sun Yat-sen to commemorate the birth centenary of the building, so the integration of many auspicious element in the design and decoration, such as: Longevity steps Baishou bridge, Fuk lamp, bat box doors. Architectural lighting part, there are up to 48 different shapes of lanterns around the inside and outside. Interior decoration, there are Europe-ho, the Manhattan hung, pi, Jiangzhao Shen, Wang Chuang, Ji Kang calligraphy and paintings.



Taipei Story House
2Taipei Story House

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The house was built in 1913–14 by Chen Chao-chun, a Dadaocheng tea merchant. It was originally a guest house for rich merchants, and other important local people.

The ground floor was built using brick and the upper floors of wood with English Tudor-style beams.The staircase is constructed to look like a pagoda. The entrance portico is in the classical style with Ionic columns.

The Story House museum now has exhibits related to tea and local history. It is located immediately adjacent to the Taipei Fine Arts Museum and close to Yuanshan Station.