The Yangmingshan Landis Resort Hotel Meeting Package

Lai China Yangmingshan Landis Hotel offers meeting space and a full range of equipment and fine dining of SMEs; the wealth of experience of the team give you a variety of meeting types of professional advice and services to make you most comfortable and successful meeting.
Meeting time and free car parking
Complimentary parking during meeting hours.
Half Day Meeting Package containing coffee, tea and refreshments once; full-day meeting with coffee, tea and refreshments twice
One coffee break for half-day meeting. Two coffee breaks for full-day meeting. Include Soft Drink.
Meeting Package offers Chinese Cuisine;
Meeting Package offers Chinese Cuisine.
Meeting equipment provides: Multi-projector, projection screen, whiteboard, presentation racks, laser pens and microphones, etc.
Complimentary meeting equipment: LCD Projector, screen, whiteboard, flip chart ,, laser pen, microphone * 2 and etc.
Meeting supplies provided: A4 paper, pencils, water and mints
Complimentary note papers, pencils, drinking water and refreshing mint candies.
Complimentary wireless Internet access meeting time
Free wireless internet access
Meeting time provide photocopies of documents% off deals
50% discount for secretarial services
Staff are available one hour earlier admission preparation.
Staff can arrive one hour earlier to prepare

Full Day Meeting Package

/ Person

Half Day Meeting Package

8:30-12:00 or 13:30-17:30
NT$2,300 / Person