Tein He

Cantonese cuisine is one of the Eight Chinese cooking. Cantonese cooking is a combination of different components from  the Guangzhou dish, Dongjiang dishes, and Shunde dishes.

Tein He Restaurant serves traditional stir-fried Cantonese dishes ( A la carte, Set Menu, Banquet and Wedding)

Hours Lunch:12:00~14:30(Last order time:14:00)
Dinner:18:00~22:00(Last order time:21:00)
Cuisine Cantonese/Chinese Food
Chefs Specialty Deep Fried Crispy Chicken/ Steamed Spring Bass / Variety of Cantonese Fried Rice / Traditional Clay Pots / Seafood Dishes / Free Ranch Chicken
Average NT$680-880/per person
Seats 120
Wine service The corkage fee is NT$500 per table.
Notice Please note that dining etiquette clothing, it is recommended not to wear slippers
Crispy Chicken

Cantonese cuisine is one of the eight Chinese, also known as Cantonese. Cantonese dishes from the Cantonese (Guangzhou dish), Teochew (Chaozhou cuisine), Hakka cuisine (Dongjiang dishes), Shunde dishes (Fengcheng dish) components. Qu Dajun "Guangdong language" contains: "All the world food and goods, there are a few do's eastern, eastern of all food and goods, and the world do not have.", Reflecting its cover a wide range of cooking ingredients. Guangdong chef specializes in the food later be changed, but also to penetrate the food original flavor. In ancient times, Guangzhou cuisine is not a free chicken dinner, and Chiu Chow is not no seafood feast its unauthorized use of salt, brine and other condiments to help keep and reconcile food, Hakka cuisine is biased more oil and more salty flavors dishes. For such a rich food culture in Guangdong, in the northern region, including Tianjin, including also saying "do not eat table chairs with legs," "four-legged stool to eat, cook, eat two legs" to describe the Cantonese food Hiroyuki. There are a large number of immigrants from other provinces of Guangdong in Modern Times, to further enhance the richness of the food.

Crispy Chicken

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